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Ensemble  "SINFO20_21"


It is a professional instrumental ensemble of heterogeneous and variable set, with the interaction and participation of professionals from other artistic and cultural sectors.

The objective is to promote the new catalan musical creation and spread it, as well as the music of the 20th and 21st centuries, in a very special concert format: "action / performance".

The participants in the project will be organized in the form of a "cooperative", distributing all the tasks: artistic, management, promotion, etc.

Bianually he chooses an external creator (composer / resident) who will program the works (also some premieres), and who will select the other composers who will participate. In each production an important work of the music of the 20th will also be performed, as a central work of the concert.

In the performances ("action / performance") other artistic elements will intervene: multimedia support, dance, contemporary choreography, theatrical actions, decoration effects, luminosity, etc.

One production will be made per year.

The project is in a design phase, also in search of interested programmers and entities for economic support and, therefore, its implementation is planned for the year 2021.

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